On Monday nights we meet at the Embankment pub at 6:30pm. During the summer months, once the clocks have gone forward, we have three routes which all involve running along the river or the canal. During the darker months we run the streets of West Bridgford, again offering three different routes. As we are currently running the summer routes, those are the only ones shown here for now.


If you are running with us then you are welcome to use the car park at the Embankment pub, provided that you register your car using the touch screen device in the pub.

Wilford Bridge route

4 miles: Set off from the Embankment pub towards Trent Bridge but don’t cross over. Join the river by the Brewhouse & Kitchen, pass under Trent Bridge then join the canal. Come off the canal at the steps by the stone bridge. Follow the road to Lady Bay Bridge crossing carefully. Go over the footbridge and come carefully down the steps to join the river. Run back towards Trent Bridge in front of the City Ground and the rowing clubs. Go under Trent Bridge then continue along the river all the way to Wilford Bridge. Cross over the bridge and run back down the north bank of the river, making your way back to the Embankment pub.

5k: Shorten the 4 mile route by starting straight over Trent Bridge, joining the river in front of County Hall. Follow the river and run all the way up to Wilford Bridge. Cross the bridge and head back down the other side and back to the Embankment pub.

5 miles: Follow the 4 mile route but when you’re nearly finished, cross Trent Bridge and go back up river to the Suspension Bridge. Cross over and go back down the other side and back to the Embankment pub.

White Gate route

This is an out and back route and can be more or less any distance you choose up to 5 miles. Head out across Trent Bridge and take the right turn off the bridge and follow the path underneath so that you are heading towards the City Ground (Nottingham Forest). Continue past the football ground and under Ladybay Bridge. If you turn back at the black bin by the Hook Nature Reserve then your total distance should be around 2 miles. Turn back when you reach the red bin at the far end of the Hook Nature Reserve to make it around 3 miles.

The furthest you should go is to the white gate at the sailing club, which should give you a total of 4 miles.

If you want to run 5 miles then you can run along to the suspension bridge on your way back, cross over the bridge and back down the other side towards the Embankment pub.

Canal route

This is an out and back route, running along the canal towards town. The point where you turn back depends on the distance you want to run. Typically we say 3miles/5k would have you turning back at the Magistrates Court building. For 4 miles you should turn at the Castle Marina retail park. If you’re doing 5 miles then you would want to turn at the marina itself, where you see the boats. The furthest we go is to bridge 13A – there and back should be 6 miles or around 10k. Feel free to turn around wherever you like before then.