Thursday nights we meet at the Co-op on Mapperley Top at 6:30pm. There are a number of free parking options around the Mapperley shops.

15 Pubs route

Starting at the Co-op, cross the road carefully and run along Woodborough Road, turning right onto Woodthorpe Drive. Run all the way to the end of Woodthorpe Drive and turn left onto Mansfield Road. Continue on Mansfield Road until you reach Private Road which is a left turn. Run all the way up Private Road until you find yourself back on Woodborough Road again. Turn left and run back to the Co-op to complete the route.

Gold Course & Digby Avenue route

Setting off from the Co-op, trun right onto Westdale Lane, before crossing the road to take a left onto Hazel Grove. Follow Hazel Grove round to the left and turn right onto Hillside Avenue.

Take the right turn towards the golf club but quickly take the path on your right. This takes you along the edge of Digby Park. Take the first right turn option out of the park and onto Digby Avenue where you turn left. Follow Digby Avenue all the way to end and turn right to rejoin Westdale Lane.

Follow Westdale Lane almost to the end but turn left onto Haywood Road. Run the full length of Haywood road, turning right onto Porchester Road, then right at the top before running back along to the Co-op.

Stairway to Heaven

From the Co-op, run a short distance before turning left onto Bennett Road, and then first left onto Haywood Road. At the end of Haywood, turn right onto Westdale Lane.

There are lots of streets on the right as you run down Westdale Lane but you are looking for Marshall Hill Drive. Run the full length of Marshall Hill Drive and at the end, come off to the right and go up ‘Donkey Steps’. At the top of the steps, go left and then quickly right onto Standhill Road. Once you have passed Forester Road on your right, you should take the next right down a small lane which comes out on Cherrywood Gardens. At the end of Cherrywood, take a right on Porchester Road, run all the way to the top of the road, turn right onto Woodborough Road and head back to the Co-op to finish.

GCP Lookout platform out and back

As usual, starting at the Co-op, head along Plains Road in the direction of Arnold Lane, crossing any roads carefully.

After crossing Arnold Lane, you should take the left into Chartwell Grove and then follow the road round to the left. Next, you want to take a left onto Spencer Avenue. You should then look for a foot path on your right. Follow this path until it comes out onto Chedington Avenue, then turn right onto Ashwater Drive. You will quickly run out of road but you can continue on through the small lane at the end of the cul-de-sac. At the end of the lane, turn left onto Axmouth Drive and then quickly turn right onto the path that leads into Gedling Country Park.

Continue on this path, turning left when you reach a T junction, then keep left at the next junction. You should now stay on this path all the way to the horse shoe viewing platform.

Doing these directions in reverse should get you back to the Co-op

Somersby, Railway Cutting

Set off along Plains Road, turn left onto Somersby Road and run all the way to the bottom. Cross the road carefully and then run across the playing fields, exiting through the small lane onto Aylesham Avenue and turn left.

The road bends round to the right and once it straightens out, you should turn left onto the nature trail. Follow the nature trail all the way to the end, where it comes out onto Thackery’s Lane near Mansfield Road.

Turn right on Tackery’s Lane and then left onto Mansfield Road and run to the entry for Woodthorpe Park, which is on your left. Run up through the park, following the path/road until you come out onto Woodthorpe Drive. Turn right and follow Woodthorpe drive up onto Woodborough Road and turn left to get back to the Co-op.