We're back!

We’re back

March 22, 2022 Published by

Rebel Runners are delighted to announce that we’re back and we can once again operate our group running sessions.

Our group is back running at various locations across Nottingham.

We would like to point out that there are some important changes from our previous schedule of weekly running meetingsā€¦


We no longer meet at the Portland Centre. Instead, we now meet at the nearby Embankment pub. We have also changed the meeting time to 6:30pm. There is parking available in the pub car park, as long as you register your vehicle using the touch screen device inside the pub.


The Tuesday venue has only changed very slightly – we still meet at Village Hotel Chilwell, but we now use the rear car park. The meeting time is also half an hour later at 7pm.


Unfortunately we can no longer offer a group run on Wednesday evenings.


Our meeting place for Thursdays is now Co-op Mapperley at 6:30pm.


The Sunday runs are no longer a regular occurrance and will be arranged on an ad hoc basis, usually through Facebook by any interested individuals.

Check the routes page for full details of routes and venues

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